Stephanie Davis — 5 stars 

Jen is fantastic!!! She photographed my Bengal cat and Shiba Inu dog, and they both absolutely loved her! Right when she met them, she took her time to allow them to get comfortable with her and the camera. Her patience allowed us to get several "in-the-moment" shots. She also captured several action shots that blew me away, effectively freezing our special and sentimental moments in time. Each and every photograph was a beautiful work of art that brought me to tears. What's more, I truly couldn't pick a "favorite," as every picture was as good as the last!! I have received countless compliments about the quality of the pictures and how well-captured the beauty of our cat and dog are, and I look forward to showing off these pictures for years to come!

Lastly, not only is Jen's quality of work extraordinary, but she as an individual and her personality are truly special and refreshing! I had such great conversations with her and could tell that she really values the human side of her work as well! What I loved the most about our interactions was that it's apparent that Jen loves animals, and she truly understood the special bond and love that we have for our fur babies! Jen also went above and beyond when it came to editing and producing our photographs, working extra hard to make them perfect and with an impressive turnaround time (less than one week). Overall, the quality of the photographs and my experience with Jen far-exceeded anything I could have hoped for! I will definitely be a returning customer and referring everyone her way! This was an experience that I will always treasure, and I will cherish these photographs for an eternity!!


Michael Buehler — 5 stars 

Jen does amazing work to capture any and every moment, to get the fun action shot along with the "good boy, sit" photo as well! Not to mention, all of the volunteer work she has done to help animals that are less fortunate!!!


Michelle Doner — 5 stars

Wow, I loved every one of my pictures that Jen took. I would rate her a 10 star job. She had a difficult subject who didn't like to look at the camera. But every one of the pictures blew me away. I sure wish there was a way to rate more than 5 stars. I highly recommend her & will definitely have more taken in the future.